A Complete e-Distribution Solution.

Introducing FX e-Distribution for Mobile.

Caplin mobile connects effortlessly to any trading system to help banks deliver a unique, branded single-dealer platform that’s consistent across all devices.

FX Mobile Capabilities.

Orders: Monitor and manage orders on the move.
Trades: View and execute spot, forward and swap trades.
Instruments: Examine the FX market through custom watch lists and charts.
News: Study financial news direct to the device.
Research: Access bank research articles.
Charts: Survey intraday and historic charts.

Why are banks around the world launching
single-dealer platforms?

More clients

Attract and retain more clients by offering better value and better service.

More revenue

Grow revenue per client with a compelling trading channel.

Better margins

Bespoke pricing, no brokerage fees, more internalization.

Lower costs

Boost productivity by focusing voice trading on high-value clients.

Speed to market

Bring new products to market in weeks rather than months.