About Caplin

What does Caplin do?

Caplin Systems provides investment banks, online brokers and other financial firms with software and professional services that enable them to build high-performance low-latency applications that deliver real-time data and trading to their clients over the Internet. These e-commerce applications run in a standard web browser.

In the investment banking and broker/dealer space, the web application that delivers analysis, news, pre-trade data, pricing and trading to a firm's clients is known, together with its supporting infrastructure, as a single-dealer platform.

A single-dealer platform is a software infrastructure that distributes a bank's internal pricing, trading, permissioning and pre-trade information for one or more asset classes directly to the bank's clients in real time over the internet. It also includes the client-facing application(s) which historically were locally installed, but today are typically browser-based and built using native web technologies so they can run on any computer, smartphone, tablet or other device without add-ins and irrespective of operating system.

Caplin's products

Caplin Platform is integrated suite of software that supports the services and distribution capabilities needed for web trading. It consists of Caplin Liberator, Caplin Transformer, Caplin KeyMaster, Caplin Director, and Caplin Management Console.

Caplin Trader is a complete development suite for creating HTML5 trading apps.

Caplin Integration Suite is a set of APIs and tools for creating adapters that integrate the Caplin Platform with external systems.

These products are not "out of the box" solutions - each firm wants to make its e-commerce offering unique, and each has its own systems, interfaces and workflows. Caplin's products get a firm most of the way to implementing a web trading application, while allowing it to quickly and cost-effectively extend, modify and enhance it to meet the firm's own particular technology, business and market requirements.

Caplin's technology is used by three of the top five FX e-trading banks*.

Caplin's services

Caplin provides consultancy, resource augmentation, delivery partnership and UX (user experience) design services to enable you to implement your web trading applications with our products. An engagement can vary from providing initial consultancy and training to enable your team or chosen implementation partner to build your web trading application, through to taking on entire responsibility for the project scoping, specification, design, project management and delivery.

Typically your own team will manage implementing the interface between Caplin Platform and your own systems, while our professional services team will be involved with the implementation of the front-end user workflow and interface.

A project to build a web trading application for a single asset class typically takes 3-9 months, depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the team.

The company

Founded in 2000, Caplin Systems is incorporated in England and Wales and is based in the City of London with a sales office in New York. The company is privately held and the majority of its staff are employed in product development and professional services.

*Top five FX e-trading banks according to Euromoney FX Poll 2012, a summary of which was covered in the single-dealer platforms blog here.