FX Corporate

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Give your corporate clients exactly the service they need, quickly and cost-effectively, with a solution accelerator to which you can instantly apply your corporate branding and styling. You can then customise and extend as required.

A user experience that supports real workflows

Migrate clients from high-cost voice channels to low-cost online trading.

Easily integrated with your pricing and trading systems.

Deliver a solution to your customers in the shortest possible time.

Streaming Rates

The streaming one-sided FX rates on the home screen give fast access to frequently used currency pairs. For each tile, the currency pair can be selected and tiles can be added and removed.

Trade Blotter

The trade blotter gives access to executed trades. Trades are updated in real time, without user interaction.

Trade Details

Full details of an executed trade can be accessed from the trade blotter and users can easily step between selected trades.

Blotter Filtering

Using intuitive controls, the trade blotter can be filtered to show only the trades the user wants to see.

Saved Blotters

Filtered blotters can be saved to be viewed later or in other parts of the app. All blotters can be exported for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

FX Trading

A simple clean interface allows users to set up and execute Spot, Forward and Swap trades.

Streaming Tradable Rate

Tradable rates are streamed to the user. A countdown is shown for the period the stream is valid.

Trade Summary

When a trade is executed a summary screen presents all the details of the trade back to the user.

Swap Trades

The simple interface extends to allow requesting and executing of FX Swaps trades.

Supporting Information

While setting up and executing a trade the right side of the app presents two trade blotters. The top blotter shows all executed trades and the lower blotter can be switched to a pre-defined or custom filtered view.

Time Options

The trade entry ticket also supports time options. A time option allows the user to specify an optional start date on a forward.

Time Options Blotter

The time options blotter provides access to all executed time options.

Strip of Forwards

A list of forward trades can be set up with different settlement dates and amounts. The strip can be priced and executed in one go. Strips also support time options.

Generating Strips

Using the smart generate tool, a strip of forwards can be quickly created with a series of settlement dates.

Saving Strips

Users can save a strip of forwards for use later. This could either be to execute at a later date, or to save as a template for repeated use in the future.

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