Offer your clients real-time information and trading on phones and tablets with everything seamlessly connected to their desktop. Caplin FX Mobile is designed to complement our desktop solutions, so users have a consistent experience across all devices.

A user experience that supports real workflows

Migrate clients from high-cost voice channels to low-cost online trading

Easily integrates with your pricing and trading systems

Deliver a solution to your customers in the shortest possible time

Your App

Deliver your app to your users, with simple styling and branding.


Keeping up to date with orders is important for your users. With Caplin FX mobile you can provide users with access to all their orders in the system.

Users can monitor and manage their orders with quick access to active orders while away from the desk or on the move. Users can also submit new take profit, stop loss and call orders. Live orders are sorted by closeness to market using a heatmap colour indicator.


Monitor Orders

Users can access all their orders in a single list. Predefined filters are provided to focus on active orders, completed orders, deactivated orders and cancelled orders.

It is also possible to create custom filters to suit specific needs.


Submitting Orders

In addition to simple management of orders Caplin FX Mobile allows users to submit single limit orders.



Caplin FX Mobile allows your users to view all their executed trades.

Executed trades can be accessed in a similar way to orders. Recent trades are listed, and a predefined filter for unsettled trades is available. Users can also create their own custom filters, click through to see further details for executed spot, forward and swap trades, and execute spot and forward trades.


Trade Details

The trade details screen gives further information on trades, showing all the details of executed Spot, Forward and Swap trades.


Executing Trades

Users can access instrument details from their watch lists. From this screen they can also execute trades. Users can be permissioned for read only access, simple order management or for execution capabilities.



Users can access charts from the trade and order entry screens.



The app will notify users of events such as order fills and trade executions.



Watchlists provide users with fast access to live rates and to keep in touch with the market wherever they are.



The Caplin FX Mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Smartphones and tablets are supported with a responsive design suited to the size of the device. Caplin FX Mobile can be deployed as a native app or as a web app.

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