FX Sales

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It isn’t just your clients who need high-performance screen-based trading tools. FX Sales is a fast and streamlined solution for your sales people, whether they are reacting to a client call or initiating one.

A user experience that supports real workflows

Migrate clients from high-cost voice channels to low-cost online trading.

Easily integrated with your pricing and trading systems.

Deliver a solution to your customers in the shortest possible time.

Sales Dashboard

The sales dashboard is the main entry point in the application. This allows the sales user to see system messages, news and FX rates alongside client information such as trades and orders.

The components can be tailored to suit the individual user.


Sales Dashboard


Client Search

The client and user search panel is accessible from all parts of the application and gives quick access to recent clients and users as well as providing an intuitive search facility.


Client Dashboard

The Sales Dashboard is the initial landing page that a sales user logging in to the application will see. This will present information useful to sales users to help them start their day effectively.

Client Information

Contact and credit details along with any miscellaneous information or sales user notes about the selected client.

Client Rates

Streaming rates for the currency pairs used recently and most frequently by the selected client. The rates will include the default spread for the client.


Blotters and Logs

Filterable trade history and activity logs for this client either in full screen or smaller component form.

The main client dashboard displays information about the client, including streaming rates that can be clicked to launch the trading workflow.

Different components can be placed on the right hand side to suit the sales user.


Trading for Clients

The main function of Caplin FX Sales is to allow sales users to trade on behalf of their clients. This needs to be an efficient workflow providing all the relevant information to the sales user.

Live Profit Indicator

With the client rate locked, the trade button and the profit indicator give clear visual information about the sales profit for the pending trade.

As the trader rate ticks the sales profit is shown by the profit bar. If the profit drops below the default margin or drops below zero then the trade button highlights as red.


Adjusting Margins

The sales user has full control to adjust the margin on the spot rate and the forward points.

The client rate will adjust accordingly as the margin is changed and as the trader rate ticks.


Lock Client Rate

Once the margins have been set the client rate can be locked. This allows the client rate (spot, points or all-in) to be adjusted without them being affected by the live ticking trader rate.

Once the client rate is locked the trade button is enabled and the profit indicator becomes live.


Trade Decision Support

Information relevant to the selected client and the currency pair being traded helps the sales user to make decisions on adjusting margins.

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