Delivery Partnership

Graphical view of the delivery partnership services

Caplin can also provide a “full-service” delivery offering consisting of a fully managed project team responsible for delivering your Web trading application project. This highest level of Professional Services engagement is provided via the Delivery Partnership Service.

We manage projects using our Professional Services Delivery Model which is shown below.

All of the disciplines required for agile delivery of leading edge Web trading applications are packaged into four phases (‘Envision, ‘Plan’, ‘Build’ and ‘Go-Live’). Caplin Project Managers, Architects, UX Designers, Business Analysts, Build Engineers, Developers, QA Engineers and Technical Authors work within this methodology to produce high quality Web trading applications.

Caplin Project teams do not work in complete isolation. During a Delivery Partnership project, the Caplin team works closely with your project and program management, business sponsors, business analysts and key technical staff. During the ‘Plan’ phase we will define and agree an engagement model to ensure all parties understand their roles and responsibilities and that effective steering and governance mechanisms are put in place for the project.

Delivery Partnership is always geared to gradually build up your delivery capability and to provide skills transfer. While the short term goal of Delivery Partnership is to help with project ‘heavy-lifting’, the ultimate goal (as with Resource Augmentation and Consultancy Services) is to ensure that you and your team are capable of running, managing, supporting and enhancing your Web application without having to rely on Caplin's Professional Services long term.

Caplin PS Delivery Model