Almost every bank building a single-dealer platform now demands multi-asset capabilities, even if (as is often the case) just a single asset class is implemented initially. Having one technology platform for all your client-facing solutions reduces costs, simplifies your infrastructure, provides an integrated, seamless experience for your customers, and makes it much easier to cross-sell products.

However, it is far from simple to build a single-dealer platform capable of spanning multiple asset classes, and platforms originally designed for specific asset classes can be difficult or impossible to extend. The Caplin Platform was designed from the ground up for multi-asset use, and is already used by major banks around the world to trade FX cash, FX options, structured products, IRDs, equities, commodities, and more. Caplin makes it easy to combine data and deal flow across silos, giving you:

  • Seamless embedding of the Caplin FX, equities, fixed Income and futures solutions.

  • The agility to add new products quickly to meet changing business requirements and market conditions.

  • A ready-made multi-product/multi-asset single-dealer platform strategy, delivering targeted client solutions across the entire risk management and trading lifecycle.

  • The ability to simply swap out back end components when migrating to new trading systems, without disruption to your users.

  • Fine-grained user permissioning for different asset classes, products, components, workflows and even individual instruments. This allows you to deliver precisely targeted workflows and pricing to, for example, retail, wealth, corporate and institutional users, internal sales traders and branch networks.

Caplin's Professional Services team is always available to work with you to specify, project manage and develop your own unique trading app.

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