Caplin provides a full range of Web trading consultancy services that includes: Training and Certification services, Product Strategy, UX Design, Architecture Design and Agile Project Management.

Product Strategy

A strong vision and strategy for your Web trading application is vital if it is to succeed. Caplin’s eTrading Solution Consultants can work with you to help define your vision, develop the right strategy to achieve this and build this into your business case.

Consultancy services shown as part of Caplin's service offering

This involves assessing the capabilities, gaps, opportunities and risks that you face in your organisation, defining the set of objectives to deliver the desired business improvement and supporting these with data and ROI analysis to demonstrate the potential business value of your project.

Whatever your objectives, the business benefit can be assessed to ensure the subsequent development project is completely value-driven.

You may want to internalise trade flows and retain revenue within your organisation, increase operational efficiency through automated processing of previously manual tasks, segment your client base to target appropriate functionality and services at the correct segments, defend and then grow your existing customer franchise, deliver a common brand and user experience that differentiates your application from others in the market, transform or rationalise your technology stack, integrate multiple asset classes in a single UI or integrate pre and post trade services likewise.

As well as the internal environment within the bank, external factors such as regulatory changes and emergent technologies also have a strong bearing on the required solution. Caplin has a breadth of experience in these areas and can advise you on a course to steer through these rapidly changing landscapes.
For an insight into our current strategic thinking, see our current selection of White Papers


UX Design

User experience (UX) Design is a key tool in ensuring that your Web trading application vision meets your end-user needs, in differentiating your Web trading application from the competition and in reducing the cost of re-work throughout the course of the project.

Caplin has a tried and tested ‘4D Process’ for discovering, defining, designing and delivering the right UX for your Web trading application.

UX Architects and Designers can help you with all aspects of the UX design spectrum including user research, workshops, contextual studies, concepting of new custom workflows, interaction design and visual design.

For Delivery Partnership engagements, Caplin routinely packages the initial UX Design exercise into an Envision Phase and produces a ‘UX Vision Brochure’ to help project sponsors validate, communicate and approve the project as well to prepare the development team for the planning and implementation of the project.

Agile Project Management

Caplin has years of experience scoping, planning and executing successful Web trading application projects. Caplin Project Managers can advise you on any aspect of your project management, but specialise in helping customers to integrate agile delivery into their organisation, setting up the right cornerstones and practices for incremental and iterative delivery and coaching development teams to cultivate the necessary behaviours needed to succeed at Agile.

Training and Certification

Caplin provides structured training courses during which a Caplin Trainer will take your team through the integration and Web trading SDKs and tools in a series of hands-on modules. We can also design bespoke training courses that focus on key areas of interest or to work with examples from your actual trading application codebase.

Once primed, your team may continue with more advanced skills transfer by working alongside any Caplin resources you have chosen to augment your team in the longer term.

Our Certification Programme can help you to determine whether your developers have the necessary pre-requisite skills (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) to benefit from Caplin training and can also be used to periodically benchmark the team and identify on-going training needs.

If you are recruiting people to build your team we can help; Caplin is skilled at recruiting high-calibre developers with appropriate technical and domain skills and offers this as a service to our customers where appropriate.

Architecture Design

Caplin’s Solutions Architects are experienced in designing and building successful Web trading applications.

As part of the Architecture Design Service, Caplin’s Solutions Architects work alongside UX Architects, UX Designers and Business Analysts to understand the goals of the programme and assist in the architectural design of the Web trading application and the integration to your systems. The Solutions Architects will engage with you via business, UX and technical workshops. They will document their findings which will help with subsequent planning and design.

For Delivery Partnership engagements, we manage the architecture design and planning all the way through to the development phase. This includes producing assets such as trade model specifications, information architecture definitions and permissions schemas.

Caplin routinely integrates our technologies with an array of pricing engine, market data, OMS, and risk systems on Web trading projects. Our expertise goes beyond the distribution and presentation stack and we can help you to evaluate and design a complete best-of-breed technology stack to support your Web trading vision.