Caplin Director Roadmap

This page outlines possible future developments for extending and improving Caplin Director’s functionality. Development for the following items is subject to customer demand.

Extending Permissions

Caplin Director is supplied with configuration that directly matches the permissioning requirements of the Caplin FX Suite. It is however designed in a way that would allow the permissions themselves to be configurable. Currently, Director’s permissioning model only supports the types of permissions used by the FX configuration, including:

•    Boolean enable/disable permissions
•    Currency pair list
•    Accounts list
•    Max tenor

New Boolean permissions can be easily added to the configuration, such as adding a permission for a new trade type or product. If new types of permissions require new UI elements to control them, then these can also be developed.

Client Administrators

Caplin Director is primarily designed to be used by administrators within your own organisation. However, the Director roadmap includes plans for functionality that will also allow Administrators at a Client to be able to onboard their own Users and set permissions for those Users. A client’s administrator would then have access to just the subset of the data concerning its users within their own organisation.
If deploying for client admins, it may be desirable to embed the Caplin Director UI within your trading application, for example on a permissions or users tab.

Branding and Theming

The roadmap also includes the ability to brand and style the Caplin Director. In its current form, Director is just for use within your own organisation and is branded as Caplin Director. However, if Director is to be deployed for Client Administrators as well then being able to brand it as part of your application would be desirable.