CIS 7 release highlights

This page highlights new features and improvements in version 7 of the Caplin Integration Suite.

CIS is a suite of Java libraries for writing adapters that integrate your systems with the Caplin Platform. For an overview of CIS, see Caplin Integration Suite.

New features

CIS 7 introduces individual release cycles for each Java library and a new software repository that is compatible with standard build tools.

Individual library releases

To speed up access to new versions of CIS Java libraries, from CIS 7 the libraries are no longer released together in a single ZIP-archive but are instead released individually.

Compatibility with standard build tools

In addition to availability on the Caplin Download site, CIS 7 libraries are also hosted in the Caplin Software Repository, which is compatible with standard build tools.

Template integration projects

In conjunction with the release of the Caplin Software Repository, Caplin have release Caplin Project Templates, a set of template integration projects that use the Gradle build system. Each template includes a working project and the build tasks required to package the project as a Caplin Platform Blade.

The template projects are freely available on GitHub and replace the CIS Toolkit, which has been discontinued as from CIS 7.


CIS 7 includes improvements to the core CIS library: DataSource for Java.

DataSource for Java

DataSource for Java 7 uses the Netty I/O library for improved scalability and performance.