Setting up the FX Sales Motif

To set up the the FX Sales Motif systems, you will need to follow a three-part guide. Scroll down for a summary or see the links below for direct access to each part:

  1. Setting up the front end
  2. Setting up the back end
  3. Configuring the end-to-end connection

Note: It is recommended that you complete each part above in the listed order.


This three-part set up guide will show you how to set up the FX Sales Motif for use in a development environment, enabling you to develop on and test the Motif before deploying your finished web application into a production environment. The guide will assist you in setting up a development environment with the Motif front-end and back-end systems, as well as configuring the communication between these systems. Throughout the guide you will find various links to more in-depth information and related help.

 For each part of the guide you will require the appropriate deployment packages and associated files, see the Prerequisites section on each page to see exactly what you will need. If you are missing, or have not received any of the required packages or files please contact Caplin Support

Setting up the front end 

This initial part of the guide will help you import the FX Sales Motif web application onto your machine, and show you how to launch it in a web browser using BladeRunnerJS. This part is quite short, and shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes to complete!

Setting up the back end 

This part is the longest, and will help you:

  • Use the Deployment Framework to deploy the Caplin Platform which consists of a stack of various back-end components used for sending the information and data required by the FX Sales Motif front-end systems.
  • Set up a host of Integration Adapters used for integrating external systems for pricing, trading and permissioning.
  • Set up required licenses for each component.
  • Run all back-end components from your server machine.

Note: This part is split up into smaller sections for easier implementation.

Configuring the end-to-end connection

The final part of the guide will help you set up the connection between the front-end and back-end systems, where you will:

  • Configure the communication between the back-end systems and the web server used to host the FX Sales Motif web application. 
  • Configure KeyMaster - a secure login service used to securely automate the log in process on behalf of users when accessing financial data from the back end.
  • Run the FX Sales Motif in your development environment.