Sales tickets: completing sales ticket fields

This page describes how to complete sales ticket fields and request a quote.


Example trade

The video below shows a user completing fields for an example spot trade:

For more video examples, see Sales Tickets: example trades.

Completing ticket fields

This section provides guidance on completing the following sales ticket fields:

Currency Pair

The Currency Pair field is in the ticket's tab. Currency pairs can be typed directly into the field or selected from the dropdown list of suggestions.

When a currency pair is entered that is not in the list of suggested currency pairs, the value is rejected with the error message "No results match value".


Currency amounts can be typed in full, or using one of the shorthand suffixes below. The Amount field automatically converts the shorthand notation to the full value.

Suffix Description Example usage Full value
k Thousand 1.5k 1,500
m Million 1.2m 1,200,000
b Billion (short-scale) 1b 1,000,000,000

When an invalid value is typed into an Amount field, the error message 'Please supply a valid amount' is displayed above the field and the field status is set to incomplete.

FX swaps have two currency amount fields: one for the near leg and one for the far leg. By default, the two fields are linked and do not allow a different amount to be specified for each leg. To disable the link between the two fields, click the link icon (  ).

Settlement Date

To enter a settlement date, type the date or tenor into the field, or select a date or tenor from the field's date picker.

The left side of the date picker contains a calendar of standard and non-standard settlement dates, and the right side of the date picker contains available standard tenors.

The calendar uses the following formatting conventions:

  • Selectable dates are outlined:
  • Today's date is underlined:
  • The selected date is highlighted:

Settlement Date fields support the following date formats:

  • DD-MM-YY
  • DD/MM/YY

Settlement Date fields support the following tenor suffixes:

Tenor suffix Description Example usage Full value
w Weeks 2w spot + 2 weeks
m Months 3m spot + 3 months
y Years 1y spot + 1 year

When an invalid date is entered in a Settlement Date field, the field displays the following error message: 'Invalid date value. Date must be in YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD format.' 

Submitting the quote request

After completing all of the required fields, click the Get Quote button to request a quote.

Note: if automatic quoting is enabled (see configuration option CAPLIN.MOTF.TICKET.AUTO_QUOTE), then the ticket will automatically request a quote when the user presses Enter or Tab after completing the final required field.

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