Sending UDP commands to Transformer

Transformer includes a UDP command interface that enables you to send it system administration commands.

For information on the commands supported by Tranformer's UDP interface, see UDP commands.



Before you can issue a UDP command to Transformer, you must first activate Transformer's UDP interface. See UDP configuration.

Issuing a UDP command

Use the udpsend command, included with Transformer, to send Liberator UDP commands.


Issues a UDP command to Transformer.

The udpsend utility is located in the Transformer's bin directory.

Syntax: udpsend [-s <server-ip>] [-p <server-port>] <message>

Parameter Type Default Description
server-ip integer 127.0.01 [optional] The IP address of the machine to which the UDP message is to be sent. This must be an IP address, not a host name, and must match the value specified for Transformer's optional configuraiton item udp-interface (if specified).
server-port integer 10001 [optional] Port on which the Transformer listens for UDP messages. This must be the port number specified in the udp-port option in Transformer's configuration file.
message string   Message to send. This can include spaces.

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