In The News

Recent press coverage about, or mentioning, Caplin:

September 2013 - The Evolution of Single-Dealer Platforms

A Q&A with Patrick Myles, CTO at Caplin Systems.

September 2013 - The Future of Trading in a Hybrid Marketplace

Single-dealer platforms are likely to play an ever-larger role in the markets of the future, especially for regional banks, by Paul Caplin, CEO Caplin Systems.

May 2013 - Spotlight on Richard de Roos, Standard Bank

​Interview with Richard de Roos, head of FX at Standard Bank in which he mentions the bank's use of Caplin's technology. Link is to a PDF reprint, used with permission of FX Week, and therefore free of charge or subscription

April 2013 - Sell-Side Technology Awards 2013: The Winners

​Listing of all the winners at the inaugural Sell-Side Technology awards, including Caplin (with ZKB) for "Best Implementation at a Sell-Side Firm"

April 2013 - Trading Open On “Finance-Grade” Runtime HTML5

​Coverage of joint Caplin/OpenFin announcement