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What is Caplin Labs?

We want to share some of the cool things that we create at Caplin. Some will have been polished to a shine and others may have been hacked together over a weekend. Whichever your preference, we hope you find something to interest you.


Team Jesture - speech and gesture trading

For Caplin's Summer 2013 hackday, we decided that we wanted to do something a little bit different...

dyfo economic releases blade

Dyfo blade is a hackday submission that informs users of upcoming economic releases inside Caplin Trader.


Hackday winning team TeamFirefly show off their CaplinTrader spreadsheet integration, completed in 24 hours.

DataSource DI tutorial

Demonstrates Dependency Injection in an example application that pulls rates from Yahoo! for the Caplin FX Motif.


A library to detect gestures using a webcam

Contemporary Interface

By using colour, contrast and animation I have tried to design an interface based on a methodology called "flat design".