Caplin Launches First Motif for FX

September 23, 2013

London – September 23rd 2013 - Caplin Systems Ltd, market leader in single-dealer platform technology, today announced the launch of its Core FX Motif, the first in a series of tools that will act as ready-made starting points for building single-dealer platforms. Three major regional banks have already signed up to use the motif.

The FX Motif reduces the cost of building an online FX trading offering – often by more than 75% – and reduces overall time-to-market from an industry average of one to two years to, typically, three to four months. It can be integrated with any FX trading system.

“The key elements of a good FX trading front end are well known: quick-trade tiles, price grids, deal blotters, and RFS tickets,” says FX Motif Product Owner Peter Rayner. “Our FX Motif provides all of these in a form consistent with industry best practice, and we constantly enhance and improve it. Choosing the FX Motif as a starting point means that you instantly have all of this functionality at your fingertips, ready-to-go right out of the box.”

As FX spreads become ever more compressed and price differentiation erodes, the competitive battle has shifted to the quality of the user interface, with speed, responsiveness, reliability, ease-of-use and richness of features all vital parts of a compelling offering that will attract and retain clients. Caplin studied the most successful FX Trading GUIs in the world, and incorporated all the best ideas in to the FX Motif.

“If you are developing a new FX trading GUI, you are faced with a daunting challenge,” says Caplin CEO Paul Caplin. “The time, effort and cost required to create a user interface of even average quality often mean that little, if any, resource is left over to add the features and innovations that will differentiate you from your competitors. The Caplin  FX Motif solves this problem. It provides all the core features found in today’s best FX trading offerings, in a form that is exceptionally easy to style, customize, modify and extend. It gives you the freedom to create a trading GUI, limited only by your imagination.”

The Caplin FX Motif is built entirely using HTML5 and is completely open so that users can change, rewrite or extend any of it. HTML5 is the de facto standard for web delivered apps and so can run on all PCs and mobile devices. Caplin will continue to roll out motifs for other asset classes.

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