Caplin Platform

The Caplin Platform is a high-performance service-orientated real-time web trading framework.

It includes all the basic functionality offered by generic streaming servers, but in addition has been specifically designed to handle bi-directional real-time price and trading messages. It offers features such as fine-grained adaptive flow control, dynamic list management, real-time permissioning, subject-based routing and continuous latency monitoring.

The Caplin Platform also provides many specific services to support advanced trading functionality in thin-client applications. For example, it offers very fast on-demand dynamic filtering and sorting of long instrument or trade lists, and “paging” (lazy-loading) of the result to the client. This supports the user experience of scrolling through thousands of rows of real-time data, without incurring the crippling overhead of sending data that is not in view.

Caplin Platform

Designed from the ground up for financial trading applications, the Caplin Platform is massively scalable and provides all the performance, security and reliability that users expect for high-end trading. Twelve years of continuous development have been devoted to ensuring that it provides the same quality of service over the internet as can be achieved over a private line.

The Caplin Platform provides data normalisation and an anti-corruption layer that leaves you free to implement the best solution for your customers, independent of the underlying trading and pricing systems. Both the web delivery and the back-end systems can then be changed or enhanced at any time without either affecting the other.

Caplin Platform consists of:

  • Caplin Liberator An ultra-high-performance real-time financial internet hub that delivers data and messages in to and from subscribers over any network

  • Caplin Transformer An event-driven real-time data transformation engine that is optimised for web trading services, which are implemented via Transformer Modules

  • Caplin KeyMaster A security tool that integrates the Caplin Platform with any web-based authentication or single sign-on system

  • Caplin Director A user administration system that can optionally be used as an alternative to integration with an existing database

  • Integration Adapters Interface applications that allow existing applications such as pricing, trading and permissioning systems to communicate with the Caplin Platform. Caplin provides standard Integration Adapters for a number of systems, and a toolkit that makes it easy to build custom ones using the Caplin Integration Suite

  • Caplin Management Console An admin GUI that allows you to monitor and control all components of the Caplin Platform (including custom Integration Adapters)

The Caplin Platform can be enhanced by the addition of Caplin Platform Blades, discrete modules of functionality that implement adapters, configuration or services. A Caplin Platform Blade is often matched with a Caplin Trader Blade to provide particular data or services to the end-user.

For development purposes, the Caplin Platform is supported on Linux, Microsoft Windows and MacOS. It is deployed on Linux.

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