Caplin White Papers

Caplin's white papers are widely read within the e-commerce and financial trading industry.

We publish new white papers about these topics, and other related issues, several times a year, so it's worth checking back from time to time.

  • Trading on the move
    We explore the growing use of mobile devices in the capital markets and why banks should offer mobile trading in order to be competitive.
  • HTML5 in 2013: Where Next?
    Patrick Myles' 10-page white paper covers the state of HTML5 today, what's hot for HTML5 in 2013, what's next for HTML5 and formulating a HTML5 strategy.
  • Why BladeRunner?
    BladeRunner is an HTML5 development framework for building modular enterprise-scale HTML5 apps. It consists of a set of conventions and a toolkit for developing, testing and deploying apps.
  • Single-Dealer Platforms in a Cleared World
    Far from signaling the end of single-dealer platforms, the impending raft of new regulation in the US and Europe will create a new business environment in which the direct online channel is more important than ever for both banks and their clients.
  • 2012 - The Year of HTML5
    There is uncertainty everywhere you look. But in the world of software at least, one thing looks like a safe bet: in 2012, HTML5 will emerge as the world’s favourite GUI technology and, in particular, the tool of choice for building Web trading applications. This white paper explains why this is going to happen, and why it’s a good thing.
  • Creating a Single-Dealer Platform
    This document explains what an SDP is and outlines the complexities, costs and risks involved in building one. It discusses the importance of using a good SDP framework, and describes how Caplin's technology can be used to create a high-performance SDP quickly, at low cost and low risk, without in any way limiting your creativity or scope.
  • The Evolution of Single-Dealer Platforms
    The past couple of years have seen an unprecedented surge of single-dealer platform (SDP) activity. Every single Tier-1 bank has embarked on a major upgrade of its legacy web trading systems, while a large number of Tier-2 firms have started building their own full-service SDPs. This white paper explores why this may be happening.
  • Platform Wars - What's Happening to the Web?
    The Web is replacing the PC as the place where we communicate, work and play. With Microsoft’s previously impregnable empire under threat, an epic battle is underway over who will control this new platform. Managers need to understand the dynamics of this battle if they are to make the right choices when developing web-based business applications.
  • Which Web? How to Choose an RIA Technology
    Rich Internet Applications are fast becoming the preferred way to deliver functionality to users’ desktops. But which of the competing RIA technologies is the best choice?
  • Single-Dealer Platforms
    With single-dealer channels becoming more popular than multi-dealer channels in the OTC markets, banks need to understand the technical and business challenges of building a successful Single-Dealer Platform to harmonise and optimise their e-trading offerings.