Product Overview

Building a Web Trading App

The anatomy of a web trading app can be thought of in four distinct layers:

  • Presentation - the client-facing web app.
  • Distribution - streaming prices and pre-trade information over the internet.
  • Web trading services - providing all the execution, pricing and workflow that real-time trading needs.
  • Integration - interfacing to your own trading, permissioning, pricing, alerting and information systems.

The anatomy of a web trading app

The Caplin Solution

Caplin's products offer a complete solution specifically designed for web trading. The Caplin solution provides each of the four layers closely integrated for maximum performance and minimum latency. We have implemented our solution in three products - Caplin Trader provides the presentation layer, Caplin Platform provides both the web trading services and distribution layers - there are very clear performance benefits in closely coupling these two layers, and Caplin Integration Suite provides the integration layer.

The connection between Caplin Platform and Caplin Trader consists of a set of well-defined APIs, so should you require a different presentation solution, or even a different distribution engine, then we can accommodate your needs.

The Caplin Solution is highly scalable and performant; it uses best of breed technologies at each level - where they already existed we used, enhanced or extended them, and where they didn't exist, we've built them.

The Caplin Solution