Liberator Auth API
_mapinfo Struct Reference

The map information object. More...

Data Fields

char mapped [MAX_OBNAME+1]
short msg
char name [MAX_OBNAME+1]
char session_id [SESSION_ID_LEN_MAX+1]

Detailed Description

The map information object.

This object describes a mapped object. This object should be used when implementing delayed (asynchronous) auth_map_object calls in conjunction with auth_map_object() and the event callback function.

Field Documentation

char _mapinfo::mapped[MAX_OBNAME+1]

The mapped name of the object. This should contain the new name for the object if AUTH_OK is being returned

short _mapinfo::msg

The return code. The module does not need to set this.

char _mapinfo::name[MAX_OBNAME+1]

The original name of the object. This should be copied from the name argument to auth_map_object()

char _mapinfo::session_id[SESSION_ID_LEN_MAX+1]

The session ID string. This should be copied from the session object.

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