Liberator Auth API
_session Struct Reference

The RTTP Session Object. More...

Data Fields

struct sockaddr_in addr
char * addrname
char * application_id
void * auth
char * authorization
char * cookie
char id [SESSION_ID_LEN_MAX+1]
char * machine_id
time_t s_connected
time_t s_loggedin
unsigned long s_updates
char type
int uid

Detailed Description

The RTTP Session Object.

This object describes a client connection session to Caplin Liberator; the members of this object are available for use with both authentication and entitlement.

The void pointer auth is provided for the Auth Module to attach any kind of data to the object for use with other callbacks such as auth_check_read.

Typically this might be used by creating an object and assigning it to the auth pointer in auth_new_user, making use of it in auth_check_read, then freeing it in auth_free_user.

content.c, exampleauth.c, and system.c.

Field Documentation

struct sockaddr_in _session::addr

The address the session is connected from

char* _session::addrname

The name of the address

char* _session::application_id

Identifier of the client application

void* _session::auth

Auth Module object

char* _session::authorization

The HTTP "Authorization" header.

char* _session::cookie

The HTTP "Cookie" header.

char _session::id[SESSION_ID_LEN_MAX+1]

The RTTP session ID

char* _session::machine_id

Identifier of the client's machine.

time_t _session::s_connected

The time the session connected

time_t _session::s_loggedin

The time the session logged in

unsigned long _session::s_updates

The number of updates the session has received

char _session::type

RTTP connection type: 1 = direct, 2 = HTTP tunnelled, 3 = refresh

int _session::uid

User identifier

user_t* _session::user

The user object

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