Package examples

Some basic examples of Liberator Auth Modules.

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Package examples Description

Some basic examples of Liberator Auth Modules.

The OpenAuthenticator is a simple implementation that successfully authenticates everything except object writes. It also shows usage of the native logging functionality by logging all authentication calls at the DEBUG level in the Liberator's auth logfile.

The DelayedLoginAuthenticator is a basic example of the use of the DelayedResultReceiver. It simply returns the DELAYED result, then waits a preset amount of time before using the DelayedResultReceiver to successfully authenticate the login. This simulates a potential delay that could be introduced by accessing a remote server or database to provide the authentication.

The PermissionAuthenticator shows one possible use of the Permission object and its interactions with the Liberator Auth API.

The KeyMasterAuthenticator is a simple example that shows how to integrate an Liberator Auth Module with KeyMaster by checking that a user's password is a valid KeyMaster token.

The TieringAuthenticator shows how to do object mapping and dynamic permissioning to achieve basic price tiering.

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