Caplin Trader 4.0.3

Class: module:br/presenter/parser/DateParser



Matches a date string and converts it to a specified output format.

DateParser is typically used with Presenter, but can be invoked programmatically as in the following example which evaluates to "08-Sep-2000":

br.presenter.parser.DateParser.parse("09/08/2000", {american:"true", outputFormat:"d-M-Y"})
See module:br/presenter/formatter/DateFormatter for the complementary formatter.


new module:br/presenter/parser/DateParser()



parse(vValue, mAttributes)

Matches a date string and converts it to a specified output format. In order to match the date, either a list of explicit inputFormats can be supplied, or an american indicator can be used against a set of standard formats, which are as follows:

American: m-d-Y, m-d-y, M-d-Y, M-d-y, m-d
European: d-m-Y, d-m-Y, d-M-Y, d-M-Y, d-m

Attribute Options:

Option Description
american if true, dates are assumed to be in American format, i.e. month before date (defaults to false)
separators a set of admissible separator characters (defaults to "/.-")
inputFormats a comma separated list of admissible input formats
outputFormat the output date format
Name Type Description
vValue Variant the date to parse (String).
mAttributes Map the map of attributes.
the date, expressed in the output format