Caplin Trader 4.0.3

Class: module:caplin/element/handler/ChangeHandler



new module:caplin/element/handler/ChangeHandler()

Notifies all registered module:caplin/element/RendererEventListeners when the control value is changed by the user.

ChangeHandler is typically used in the XML Renderer Framework. The event type is "change" and is triggered on the keyup and blur events if the element "value" attribute has changed in comparison to the elements previous value. The previous value is stored on the element as the attribute "oldValue".



initialise(renderer, attributes)

Allows the handler to perform any initialisation code on the renderer. This method is called after the renderer is bound to the view for the first time. Implementing this method is optional.
Name Type Description
renderer module:caplin/element/Renderer The renderer that is being initialised
attributes Map Any configuration parameters for this handler.
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