Caplin Trader 4.0.3

Class: module:caplin/element/styler/EllipsisStyler



new module:caplin/element/styler/EllipsisStyler()

The ellipsis styler adds a class attribute of 'ellipsis' to elements it is applied to.

EllipsisStyler is typically used in the XML Renderer Framework.

Note: The CSS used alongside the ellipsis styler (text-overflow:elipsis;) may cause the loss of padding or margin applied to inline elements within IE. This may be overcome by using the CSS 'text-indent' property rather than the padding or margin properties.



style(vValue, mAttributes, control)

Applies an ellipsis to the control.
Name Type Description
vValue Variant the control value.
mAttributes Map the map of attributes.
control module:caplin/control/Control the control.