Caplin Trader 4.1.0

Class: module:caplin/chart/study/SimpleMovingAverage



new module:caplin/chart/study/SimpleMovingAverage(alias, derivationParams, listener, configOverridesopt)

Constructs a new A study that calculates the simple moving average over the given period.

This study requires the period to be passed in the derivation options. By default it will use the `close` field as the value for calculating the study data. If you require a different field, set a `field` property in the derivation options. See module:caplin/chart/series/Fields for details.

This study only requires the configuration options defined by module:caplin/chart/Study.

This study is aliased by the caplin.chart-sma-study alias. To create a new instance of this study use the module:caplin/chart/study/Factory.

Name Type Attributes Description
alias String The Study alias.
derivationParams Object Study derivation options.
listener Object A listener object that implements the module:caplin/chart/study/StudyListener interface.
configOverrides Object <optional>
Configuration overrides passed to the parent class. This study uses the default configuration options.



Calculates the simple moving average over the given period.

Once completed it will invoke the module:caplin/chart/study/StudyListener#onStudyData method on its listener.

The format of the calculated data is: [[timestamp, value(, state)], ...]

Name Type Description
data Array Chart series data in the Caplin Format.