Caplin Trader 4.1.0

Module: caplin/core/log/AbstractLogger


(inner) DEBUG

Logs at a level suitable for developers. May contain things like network level messages.

(inner) ERROR

Should only be used to log unrecoverable errors. The application will probably not continue to function correctly after one of these errors. Messages at this level should be readable by non-developers.

(inner) INFO

Logs messages that could be useful information. Messages at this level should be somewhat readable by non-developers.

(inner) TRACE

Logs at a very fine level, suitable for method entry / exits, etc.

(inner) WARN

Logs messages that may indicate problems, but where the system is able to continue. Messages at this level should be readable by non-developers.


(inner) log(levelName, logData)

The abstract method that should be overridden by subclasses or by providing a delegate to the constructor.
Name Type Description
levelName String the name of the method that was called.
logData Array the log information.

(inner) logDataToString(logData) → {String}

Turns an array of logging data into a string according to the caplin logging scheme.
Name Type Description
logData Array an array containing all the data that should be logged.
  • module:caplin/core/log/Log.interpolate for more information.
A string representation of the logData provided.

(inner) setLevel(level)

Changes the level at which this logger logs.
Name Type Description
level Number a log level, chosen from those available on this class.