Caplin Trader 4.1.0

Class: module:caplin/grid/decorator/RemoveRowDecorator



new module:caplin/grid/decorator/RemoveRowDecorator(mDecoratorConfig)

Constructs a caplin.grid.decorator.RemoveRowDecorator instance — end-users will never need to do this themselves since grids are fully constructed based on their XML definition files by the module:caplin/grid/GridComponentFactory class. The RemoveRowDecorator class provides immediate visual feedback of a rows pending removal until the server round-trip has completed, and the row is actually removed from the view. The remove row decorator is not required for the module:caplin/element/handler/RemoveGridRowOnClickHandler class to function correctly, but merely improves the responsiveness of the UI during such an operation.
Name Type Description
mDecoratorConfig Object config object