Caplin Trader 4.1.0

Class: module:caplin/grid/decorator/RowLoadingDecorator



new module:caplin/grid/decorator/RowLoadingDecorator()

Constructs a caplin.grid.decorator.RowLoadingDecorator instance — end-users will never need to do this as grids are constructed based on their configurations in XML definition files by the module:caplin/grid/GridComponentFactory class.

The RowLoadingDecorator provides a loading image (e.g. a spinner) in rows that do not yet have data. The image that should be used is passed in as a configuration option 'imagePath'. When the row has received its data, the loading image is removed.

  • The use of imagePath as defined in gridDefinitions.xml is deprecated. The decorator now references a themed css class instead (.loadingRow)