DataSource for C SDK
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C_ds5_namespace_sDefinition of the interface that you should implement if you require custom subject matching logic
 C_ds_dataA data update object
 C_ds_fieldA field within a data update
 Capplication_tStructure containing application licencing information
 Casset_class_tStructure containing asset class information
 Cds5_connectionlistener_tImplement this interface to receive connection status information when using the DSv5 API
 Cds5_dataprovider_tInterface that must be implemented in order to receive subscirption request and subscription discard events for DataSource subjects from connected DataSource peers. the implementation sends data to connected peers in response to subscription requests
 Cds5_subscriptionlistener_tAn implementation of this interface allows applications to receive events raised for a ds5_subscription_t
 Cds_arguments_tStructure defining the arguments for Monitoring methods
 Cds_array_tThe container object for monitoring array types
 Cds_config_enum_tEnumerated types structure
 Cds_init_tDefines the DataSource initialisation object
 Cds_monauth_tMonitoring credentials object
 Cds_monitor_tThe container object for all monitoring values
 Csigkey_tConfiguration structure used to hold keyfile information

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