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ds_config_enum_t Struct Reference

Enumerated types structure. More...

Data Fields

char * docstring
char * name
double value

Detailed Description

Enumerated types structure.

For configuration options types INT and FLOAT and arrays of INT and FLOAT you can define enumerated data types to allow configuration files to become more readable. These data types must have global scope.

An enumerated data type enables you to give a non-numeric and more meaningful name to a number. The names can then be used in the configuration file. For example if an INT option can take the values 1, 2 or 3, you can define 1 as "online", 2 as "offline" and 3 as "reconnecting".

The operators |, + and & may be used in the configuration file, which is useful if your enumerations define bitwise flags that can be ORed together. For example if you defined the string BIT1 to be 1 and BIT2 to be 2 you could use the string 'BIT1|BIT2' in your configuration file and the value in your application would be set to 3.

Field Documentation

char* ds_config_enum_t::docstring

Documentation string (Caplin only)

char* ds_config_enum_t::name

Name of this enumeration

double ds_config_enum_t::value

Value this enumeration represents

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