DataSource for C SDK

Defines the DataSource initialisation object. More...

Data Fields

char * application_name
char * application_root
void(* exit_func )(int exit_code, char *msg)
unsigned short flags
char * log_root
char * logfile
recv_discard_t recv_discard
recv_map_t recv_map
recv_nodata_t recv_nodata
recv_object_status_t recv_object_status
recv_peer_status_t recv_peer_status
recv_request_t recv_request
recv_service_status_t recv_service_status
recv_update_t recv_update
unsigned short type

Detailed Description

Defines the DataSource initialisation object.

This object must be passed to the ds_init() function when writing a DataSource application.

  • All parameters can be left as the default NULL or 0, application_name which should be set to the standard name of the application
  • One or more of the callback functions should also be set
  • If no application_name is given there there will be no event log
This object must have global scope.

Field Documentation

char* ds_init_t::application_name

The name of your application this would normally be a hardcoded default

char* ds_init_t::application_root

The root directory of the application. This is a return parameter filled in by the DataSource library

void(* ds_init_t::exit_func) (int exit_code, char *msg)

Exit function. Called by the library on initialisation if an exception occurs. Function is responsible for exiting if set

unsigned short ds_init_t::flags

Default flags for this DataSource

ds_log_t* ds_init_t::log

Log file object. This can be set or used as a return parameter if logfile is used.

char* ds_init_t::log_root

The directory for log files. This is a return parameter filled in by the DataSource library

char* ds_init_t::logfile

Filename for the event log file

recv_discard_t ds_init_t::recv_discard

Discard callback function

recv_map_t ds_init_t::recv_map

Mapping update callback function

recv_nodata_t ds_init_t::recv_nodata

Nodata callback function

recv_object_status_t ds_init_t::recv_object_status

Object Status callback function

In versions of DSDK prior to 4.0, this functionality was available using the recv_status callback. However, the values provided have changed
recv_peer_status_t ds_init_t::recv_peer_status

Peer Status callback function

In versions of DSDK prior to 4.0, this parameter was named recv_message
recv_request_t ds_init_t::recv_request

Request callback function

recv_service_status_t ds_init_t::recv_service_status

Service Status callback function

recv_update_t ds_init_t::recv_update

Update callback function

unsigned short ds_init_t::type

Default type for this DataSource. Used to set the datasource to be Active.

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