Caplin.DataSource.Namespace.NamespaceDoc Class Reference


Detailed Description

The Caplin.DataSource.Namespace namespace contains interfaces and implementations for the matching of Subject names to Caplin.DataSource.Publisher.IDataProvider.

A subject name is defined within a DataSource namespace. For example, if the DataSource namespace is the prefix "/FX" the subject name "/FX/EURUSD" is within that namespace, but "/FY/EURUSD" is not. The DataSource namespace ensures that requests for the data with the subject "/FX/EURUSD" are routed to an Caplin.DataSource.Publisher.IDataProvider implementation that can supply that data.

DataSource namespaces are defined in implementations of Caplin.DataSource.Namespace.INamespace

DataSource.NET includes the following implementations of INameSpace:

Should the supplied INamespace implementations not match your requirements, you can write your own custom subject matching login in an implementation of the INamespace interface.

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