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 CIFieldInfoThe IFieldInfo interface represents a field defined for the DataSource. Fields are defined in the DataSource configuration file using the format add-field <FieldName> <FieldNumber>.
 CIFieldManagerThe IFieldManager interface provides access to the mapping between field names and their corresponding field numbers.
 CUnknownFieldExceptionThrown when a field is added to a record and the name of the field is not present in the local fields configuration.
 CIContainerMessageAn instance of IContainerMessage represents an update to a container.
 CIContainerModelThis interface defines a model that represents a container. Implement it to simplify the processing of incoming IContainerMessages.
 CIContainerOperationInterface that represents a container operation.
 CIJsonMessageInterface for sending IJsonMessage messages
 CIMappingMessageMapping messages allow a DataSource to inform a remote peer (usually Liberator or Transformer) that it should request a different subject.
 CINewsMessageAn instance of INewsMessage defines the headline text that provides a brief description of a news story (see Caplin.DataSource.Messaging.Story).
 CIPageElementInterface that represents an update to a region of a Page.
 CIPageMessageAn instance of IPageElement represents an update to a region of a Page.
 CIPermissionMessageInterface that represents an update for a Permission message.
 CIGenericMessageInterface for sending Generic messages, adding fields by name and value.
 CIRecordMessageBase interface for all Record messages.
 CIRecordType1MessageInterface for sending Type 1 Record messages, enabling one to add fields by field name.
 CIRecordType2MessageInterface for populating Type 2 Record messages, adding fields by field name.
 CIRecordType3MessageInterface for populating Type 3 Record messages, adding fields by field name.
 CIStoryMessageAn instance of IStoryMessage resresents a news story.
 CIWrapperMessageInterface for wrapping multiple messages of the same type together into one message.
 CIFieldRepresents a name/value field pair
 CIMessageAn IMessage represents a DataSource message containg an update to an existing subject or a complete image of it.
 CIMessageFactoryA message factory is used to create DataSource messages that can be published to other DataSources.
 CMonitorableValueAttribute that should be applied to methods and properties that are visible to the monitoring subsystem.
 CMonitoringBeanBase type for all monitoring beans. You should extend this class to add in your own monitoring attributes and/or methods.
 CNamespaceDocThe monitoring system within DataSource.NET allows your application to publish attributes and expose operations that can be invoked by any JMX application.
 CINamespaceAn INamespace is used to determine if a subject is of interest to an Caplin.DataSource.Publisher.IDataProvider.
 CPrefixNamespaceThe prefix namespace matches the initial part of a subject name.
 CIActivePublisherThis implementation of IPublisher sends its associated IDataProvider all requests and the final discard for the subjects defined by the associated INamespace.
 CIBroadcastPublisherThis implementation of IPublisher sends (broadcasts) updates to all connected peers regardless of whether they have requested (subscribed to) the subject.
 CICompatibilityPublisherThis implementation of IPublisher sends its associated IDataProvider all requests and discards for the subjects defined by the associated INamespace.
 CIDataProviderInterface that must be implemented in order to provide data updates to DataSource peers.
 CIDiscardEventEvent that is raised when a peer discards a subject.
 CIPublisherAn instance of IPublisher publishes messages to remote DataSource peers on behalf of an IDataProvider. It also provides access to an IMessageFactory that creates the messages to be published.
 CIRequestDiscardEventBase interface for IRequestEvent and IDiscardEvent.
 CIRequestEventEvent that is raised when a peer requests a subject.
 CNamespaceDocThe Caplin.DataSource.Publisher namespace contains class needed to service DataSource subscriptions; allowing custom systems to push data into a DataSource so it can be published to other, remote, DataSource applications.
 CBaseSubscriptionListenerAn implementation of Caplin.DataSource.Subscription.ISubscriptionListener containing empty callback methods. you can derivce your implementation of Caplin.DataSource.Subscription.ISubscriptionListener from this class, and override selected callback methods with full implementations as required.
 CIActiveSubscriptionAn IActiveSubscription represents a subscription to a single subject.
 CIBroadcastSubscriptionAn IBroadcastSubscription represents a subscription to many subjects. The scope of which is defined by an Caplin.DataSource.Namespace.INamespace.
 CISubscriptionRepresents a subscription to a DataSource subject (see Caplin.DataSource.Subscription.IActiveSubscription or to a namespace of DataSource subjects (see Caplin.DataSource.Subscription.IBroadcastSubscription.
 CISubscriptionListenerThe ISubscriptionListener interface allows applications to receive events raised for an Caplin.DataSource.Subscription.ISubscription.
 CNamespaceDocThe interfaces in this namespace provide functionality for receiving updates from DataSource peers (sink functionality)
 CDataSourceThis is the main class in Datasource.NET. Your application must create an instance of this class to use the functionality provided by DataSource
 CIConnectionListenerThis interface allows applications to receive events about the state of DataSource.NET's connection to other DataSource peers
 CIDataSourceThis interface defines the main interface of DataSoure.NET. In order to obtain an instance of this interface, you must create an instance of Caplin.DataSource.DataSource.
 CIMonitoringServerInterface that can be used to add or delete MonitoringBeans from the monitoring subsystem.
 CIPeerRepresents a DataSource peer.
 CIPeerStatusEventEvent raised when a peer changes status.
 CIServiceStatusEventEvent that is raised when a service changes state.
 CIStatusEventRepresents an event that is raised when there is a change in the status of the backend.
 CISubjectErrorEventRepresents an event raised when there is an error in a subscription to a subject.
 CISubjectStatusEventRepresents an event that is raised when there is a change in the status of a Subject.
 CNamespaceDocThe interfaces in this top-level namespace provide the main functions of DataSource.NET.
 CIExceptionHandlerDefinition of the interface that receives exceptions generated by the Caplin library on its own threads. You should implement this interface to ensure that your application can handle such exceptions.
 CNamespaceDocThe Caplin.Exceptions namespace provides definitions for exceptions raised by Caplin's .NET APIs.
 CRecoverableExceptionBase class for all exceptions that are propagated to the client implementation of Caplin.Exceptions.IExceptionHandler but do not indicate that the application has reached a terminal state and should be restarted.
 CSecurityPolicyFileNotFoundExceptionException thrown when Silverlight cannot download a clientaccesspolicy.xml or crossdomain.xml file from the target server. This can happen either when the server is down or when the server does not host either of the files required.
 CConsoleLoggerThe ConsoleLogger implements the Caplin.Logging.ILogger interface and outputs all log messages to the console.
 CILoggerDefinition of the interface that will receive logging messages from a Caplin application.
 CNamespaceDocThe Caplin.Logging namespace provides logging facilities for applications built using Caplin's .NET APIs

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