Interface Peer

    • Method Detail

      • getIndex

        int getIndex()

        Gets the index of this peer.


        Generally a DataSource application should not care about the index of the peer. However, the index does provide a unique identifier of the peer whilst the DataSource application is running.

        The index.
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()

        Gets the name of this peer. This is the name of the peer that the DataSource application is connected to.


        It is possible for the name of the peer to change - the name returned here is provided by the remote peer which is user configurable on the remote peer.

        The name.
      • setStatusUp

        void setStatusUp()
        Allows this peer to make connections to its remote peer.
      • setStatusDown

        void setStatusDown()

        Stops this peer from making connections to its remote peer.


        If the remote peer is connected, this method disconnects it.

      • getPeerStatus

        PeerStatus getPeerStatus()
        Gets the status that the peer has changed state to.
        The status.
      • getMessageQueueSize

        int getMessageQueueSize()
        Gets the current number of queued messages on the peer.
        The status.