Interface DSField

  • public interface DSField

    This interface should be implemented by a class that represents a field number/value pair. The field number defines what data the field represents (e.g. a bid price, or a company name). The value is the actual value for that data (e.g. 53.5, or Caplin Systems Ltd).

    See Also:
    DSData.elements(), DSData.iterator()
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        java.lang.String getValue()

        Gets the value for the field.

        The field's value.
      • setValue

        void setValue​(java.lang.String value)

        Sets the value for the field.

        value - The new field value.
      • getFieldInfo

        FieldInfo getFieldInfo()

        Get the field information for this field, if available.

        the FieldInfo for this field, or null if not available
      • setFieldInfo

        void setFieldInfo​(FieldInfo fieldInfo)

        Sets the field information for the field.

        fieldInfo - The new FieldInfo for this field.
      • getFlags

        int getFlags()
        Get the flags set on this field.
        the flags set on this field