Package com.caplin.datasource.messaging.container

This package defines the interfaces for sending Container messages.

The Container object holds a list of subject names of other objects - the elements of the container (for example, the subject names of a set of Records). These elements can be added to the end of the Container or inserted at a specific position as required. Elements can also be removed from the container either individually by name or by specifying a prefix that matches the subject names of multiple elements.

The API does not provide a representation of a container as such, rather it allows you to create and manipulate messages containing information about changes to be made to a container. Thus, using the MessageFactory interface, you can create an instance of a ContainerMessage that defines a new container or refers to a previously created one. The interfaces provided in this package allow you to define operations on the container, such as operations to add (append), insert, and remove container elements. The operations are added to the container message. The container itself is maintained in the cache of another Caplin DataSource such as a Liberator or Transformer, which receives the container messages generated by this DataSource and acts on them.