Interface CachingPublisher

  • public interface CachingPublisher

    An instance of CachingPublisher publishes messages to remote DataSource peers on behalf of a CachingDataProvider. It also provides access to a CachedMessageFactory that creates the messages to be published. Messages once published are internally cached, so requests from additional peers can be serviced without further calls to the provider.

    • Method Detail

      • getCachedMessageFactory

        CachedMessageFactory getCachedMessageFactory()
        Gets the CachedMessageFactory used to create the messages that are published via this Publisher.
        The message factory.
      • publish

        void publish​(Message message)
        Publishes the data for a subject to peers that have just requested (subscribed to) that subject.
        message - The message.
      • publishSubjectErrorEvent

        void publishSubjectErrorEvent​(SubjectErrorEvent subjectErrorEvent)
        Publishes to all peers subscribed to a subject an event detailing an error in the subscription for that subject. Typically a CachingDataProvider will use this to notify the remote peers that the data they are subscribed to is no longer available.
        subjectErrorEvent - The error event to be published.
      • publishSubjectStatusEvent

        void publishSubjectStatusEvent​(SubjectStatusEvent subjectStatusEvent)
        Publishes to all subscribed peers an event about the change in status of a subject.
        subjectStatusEvent - The subject status event to be published.