Interface CompatibilityPublisher

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    public interface CompatibilityPublisher
    extends Publisher

    This implementation of Publisher is similar to ActivePublisher, but because it does not maintain a cache, it passes all requests and discards for subjects on to the DataProvider. This it calls DataProvider.onDiscard(DiscardEvent) on the DataProvider every time a peer discards a subject, rather than just once when the final peer discards the subject. This requires your DataProvider to keep count of the number of peers that are subscribed to a subject and only unsubscribe from the back end system when the subscription count goes to zero.


    Note: The use of CompatibilityPublisher is not recommended; use ActivePublisher instead.


    CompatibilityPublisher is provided for backwards compatibility with versions of DataSource for Java prior to 5.0, which require you to manage peers yourself. You may want to use this publisher if you are upgrading an existing DataSource application that contains such peer management logic.


    Instantiate this interface using the appropriate Caplin API method.