Class QueuedResponder

  • public class QueuedResponder
    extends FXResponder<PostTradeAllocationList>

    A Responder to respond from within the QueuedState.

    Note that generally an allocation will transition directly through a Queued state without any message from the trading system. If the backend supports Dealer Intervention for Allocations, then this state represents waiting for a dealer to pickup this deal. This allows the client to attempt to cancel the deal if he does not wish to wait for a dealer.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • QueuedResponder

        public QueuedResponder​(PostTradeAllocationList trade)
        Constructs a Responder that can send messages from the Queued state.

        Please use: PostTradeAllocationList.getQueuedResponder() to retrieve an instance

        trade - The object representing the post allocation trade which the responder can send messages for.
    • Method Detail

      • sendPickUp

        public void sendPickUp​(AllocationPickUpEvent event)
        Sends a message to denote that the deal has been picked up by the trading system or a manual dealer.
        event - The event to send.
        Throws: - If there was a problem sending the event