Class BlockTradeExecution

  • public class BlockTradeExecution
    extends Object

    Base class for block trade objects within the FX Integration API.

    Any Block Trades which desire execution capabilities should extend this class

    • Constructor Detail

      • BlockTradeExecution

        public BlockTradeExecution​( trade,
                                   BlockTradeLeg nearLeg,
                                   BlockTradeLeg farLeg)
        Constructs a BlockTradeExecution by wrapping around the original trade and trade legs.
        nearLeg - The near leg of the Trade
        farLeg - The far leg of the Trade
    • Method Detail

      • getNearLeg

        public BlockTradeLeg getNearLeg()
        Returns the near leg of the trade. All trade types will have a near leg.
        The near leg.
      • getFarLeg

        public BlockTradeLeg getFarLeg()
        Returns the far leg for swap trades, or null if this is not a swap trade.
        The far leg, or null if one does not exist.
      • isNetted

        public boolean isNetted()
        Whether or not this block trade is netted.
        true if this is a netted trade, false otherwise.
      • getLegById

        public BlockTradeLeg getLegById​(int id)
        Returns the given leg by ID
      • getTradingType

        public String getTradingType()
        Returns the type of trade that should be executed.
        The trade type.
      • getCurrencyPair

        public String getCurrencyPair()
        Returns the currency pair that this trade should be executed against.
        The currency pair in the format XXXYYY.
      • getBaseCurrency

        public String getBaseCurrency()
        Returns the base currency of the currency pair.
        The base currency in the format XXX.
      • getTermCurrency

        public String getTermCurrency()
        Returns the term currency of the currency pair.
        The term currency in the format YYY.
      • getDealtCurrency

        public String getDealtCurrency()
        Returns the currency that the amount denominates.
        The dealt currency, which may contain sub decimals.
      • getRequestID

        public String getRequestID()
        Returns the ID generated from the client. The combination of user and trade is unique.
        the request ID.
      • getUsername

        public String getUsername()
        Returns the username of the logged in user that created this trade.
        the username of the logged in user.
      • getAccount

        public Account getAccount()
        Returns the account that this trade should be booked against.
        The account.