Interface BlockTradeListener

  • public interface BlockTradeListener
    A BlockTradeListener instance will be notified of incoming client events for Block Trading.
    • Method Detail

      • onSubmit

        void onSubmit​(BlockTradeSubmitEvent event)
        Called on trade initiation to notify that the block trade has been submitted.
        event - The object representing the clients request to Block Trade, containing the information required to service the request.
      • onExecute

        void onExecute​(BlockTradeExecuteEvent event)
        Called once the client wants to execute the Block Trade on a particular price.
        event - The execute event that contains the pricing information the client wishes to execute on.
      • onClientClose

        void onClientClose()
        Called when the client ends the trade, typically by closing the RFS ticket.
      • onTradeClosed

        void onTradeClosed()
        Callback for when the trade is closed