Class BlockTradeExecutedResponder

    • Constructor Detail

      • BlockTradeExecutedResponder

        public BlockTradeExecutedResponder​(BlockTrade trade)
        Constructs a Responder that can respond from the Submitted state for the BlockTrade trade model.

        Please use: BlockTrade.getExecutedResponder()

        to retrieve this instance

        trade - The trade this responder will send messages for
    • Method Detail

      • sendTradeConfirmation

        public void sendTradeConfirmation​(BlockTradeConfirmationEvent event)
        Sends a trade confirmation event to notify the client that the trade has been successfully executed with the trade fields that the event was constructed with.

        Typically the client will be shown these fields in order to verify what has been executed in the back-end trading system.

        event - The event containing the fields that have been used to execute the trade.
        Throws: - if there was a problem sending the event