Class CancelRejectTradeEvent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ErrorServerFieldSet, Message

    public class CancelRejectTradeEvent
    extends Object
    implements ErrorServerFieldSet, Message

    A single event acting on a OrderCancelTrade.

    The event may be client generated and received through the respective RFSTradeListener interface or it may be generated by custom code to be sent to the client.

    A OrderCancelTradeEvent is created using the OrderCancelTrade it relates to.

    A OrderCancelTradeEvent represents a message sent by the server.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CancelRejectTradeEvent

        public CancelRejectTradeEvent​(OrderCancelTrade trade)
    • Method Detail

      • addFields

        public void addFields​(Map<String,​?> fields)
        Adds a map of fields and their values to this event
        fields - A map of field names to values to be added to the event. If the value is a BigDecimal then it will be converted to a String using BigDecimal.toPlainString()
      • setInitialTimestamp

        public void setInitialTimestamp​(Date date)
        Sets LTY_INIT_TS field to this TradeEvent.
        date - The time the LTY_INIT_TS field will be set to.
      • getBackingEvent

        public getBackingEvent()
        Get the TradeEvent backing this event