Interface ExecutionServerFieldSet

  • public interface ExecutionServerFieldSet
    • Method Detail

      • addField

        void addField​(String fieldName,
                      Object value)
        Adds a field to this event
        fieldName - The name of the field to add.
        value - The value of the field to add. If the value is a BigDecimal then it will be converted to a String using BigDecimal.toPlainString()
      • setQuoteID

        default void setQuoteID​(Object value)
        The unique ID of the quote the client wants to trade on.
        value - The value to be set passed by i18n
      • setTradingType

        default void setTradingType​(Object value)
      • setInterestRate

        default void setInterestRate​(Object value)
      • setInterestAmount

        default void setInterestAmount​(Object value)
      • setPrincipalPlusInterest

        default void setPrincipalPlusInterest​(Object value)