Class SubjectMessage<T extends SubjectInfo>

    • Constructor Detail

      • SubjectMessage

        public SubjectMessage​(T info,
                              Message message)
    • Method Detail

      • getSubjectInfo

        public T getSubjectInfo()
      • addField

        public void addField​(String fieldName,
                             Object value)
        Adds a field to this Event.
        fieldName - The name of the field to add.
        value - The value of the field to add. If the value is a BigDecimal then it will be converted to a String using BigDecimal.toPlainString()
      • addFields

        public void addFields​(Map<String,​?> fields)
      • setInitialLatencyTimestamp

        public void setInitialLatencyTimestamp​(Instant initialLatencyTimestamp)
      • getLatencyInitialTimestamp

        public Instant getLatencyInitialTimestamp()
      • addAdditionalLatencyTimestamp

        public void addAdditionalLatencyTimestamp​(String name,
                                                  Instant latencyTimestamp)
      • getAdditionalLatencyTimestamps

        public Map<String,​Instant> getAdditionalLatencyTimestamps()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object