Interface CancellableSettlementDateRequestListener<S extends SettlementDateSubjectInfo>

    • Method Detail

      • getSettlementDates

        void getSettlementDates​(S subjectInfo,
                                Callback<Set<String>> callback)

        Called when a request for the valid settlement or business dates for the specified currency pair, year and month. The provided callback object allows for asynchronous invocations to a calendar service.

        Once a result is provided, it can be returned to the frontend via a call to with the provided business days in the specified month.

        subjectInfo - The subject info describing the settlement date request
        callback - The callback to call when a result has been provided, passing a set of valid settlement dates in the iso8601 date format, YYYYMMDD.
      • cancelSettlementDatesRequest

        void cancelSettlementDatesRequest​(S subjectInfo)
        Called when a subscription to Settlement dates is discarded
        subjectInfo -