Class PrecisionSubjectInfo

    • Constructor Detail

      • PrecisionSubjectInfo

        public PrecisionSubjectInfo​(String subject,
                                    String currencyPair,
                                    String dealtCurrency)
        Constructs a PrecisionSubjectInfo based on the provided subscription parameters.
        subject - The full requested subject
        currencyPair - The requested currency pair.
        dealtCurrency - The requested dealt currency.
    • Method Detail

      • getSubject

        public String getSubject()
        Description copied from interface: SubjectInfo
        Returns the original subject that was parsed to create this SubjectInfo
        Specified by:
        getSubject in interface SubjectInfo
        The original subject.
      • getCurrencyPair

        public String getCurrencyPair()
        Returns the currency pair for the subscription.
        The currency pair in the format <basecurrency>_<termcurrency>
      • getDealtCurrency

        public String getDealtCurrency()
        Returns the dealt currency for the subscription as a String with no guarantee of its length.
        The dealt currency for the subscription.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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