Class PostTradeAllocation

  • public class PostTradeAllocation
    extends Object
    Represents a single allocation within a Post Allocation request.
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    • Method Detail

      • getAccount

        public Account getAccount()
        Returns the account that the amount should be allocated to.
        The account.
      • getBuySell

        public BuySell getBuySell()
        Returns whether or not this is a buy or a sell.

        This implies whether or not the amount will be removed from the account or added to the account.

        either buy or sell.
      • getAmount

        public String getAmount()
        The amount that should be added or removed from the account.
        The amount.
      • getSwapLeg

        public LegType getSwapLeg()
        Returns the leg for swap allocation (this value is optional and can be null).
        allocation swap leg