Class RegulatoryID

  • public class RegulatoryID
    extends Object
    Some systems provide a regulatory ID that is associated with an allocation.

    For swap allocations there may be two regulatory id's, a near regulatory ID and a far regulatory ID.

    • Constructor Detail

      • RegulatoryID

        public RegulatoryID​(PostTradeAllocation postTradeAllocation,
                            String nearRegulatoryId,
                            String farRegulatoryId)

        Constructs a Regulatory ID using a PostTradeAllocation.

        For a SPOT or FORWARD allocation provide a nearRegulatoryId and null for farRegulatoryId

        For a SWAP allocation provide both a nearRegulatoryId and farRegulatoryId

        postTradeAllocation - The post trade allocation that has been allocated
        nearRegulatoryId - The regulatory Id of the allocation
        farRegulatoryId - An additional regulatory id for a far leg, if the allocation was a SWAP